Italian Group for Railway Technology



Construction Work:
- Electrical power systems
- Overhead contact line
- Building construction
- Civil engineering and construction
- Maintenance
- Control and signalling technology

Planning and monitoring construction works:
- Tendering and tender evaluation
- Site exploration / materials testing
- Work logistics
- Supervision of works
- Planning and control
- Planning of signalling and control systems
- Planning of electric power supply
- Planning of superstructure, underground, and civil engineering works
- Planning review
- Project planning
- Survey

Signalling and control systems:
- Level crossing systems
- Operating control engineering
- Earth terminals for track construction
- Remote control equipment
- Cable ducts
- Control systems
- Communications technology
- Switchgears in earth systems
- Signalling systems

Overhead line equipment:
- Engineering consultant
- Installation
- Maintenance
- Overhead line measuring systems
- Overhead installations
- Overhead line tests


Traffic Lights:
- Implementation of traffic lights and of its centralized system
- Maintenance of centralized systems for traffic management

Road Traffic Management:
- Design and implementation of automation systems for controlling vehicle   access
- Design and implementation of automation systems for parking management   exchange and remote control of automation systems

- Safety systems and lighting in tunnels: design, procurement, installation,   operation and maintenance

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