Italian Group for Railway Technology


Together with the companies members of ig4rt, a series of other companies and consultants are partners of ig4rt group in some foreign ventures, to offer a wide range of services and works, searching for co-operation with brilliant local companies.

ig4rt partner Company CEMES is a strong company for the construction of civil works related with the railway.

ig4rt partner Company BENOCCI is a renomated quarryman company with over 60 years experience in processing raw material for crushed stone for railway track ballast and for manufacture of cement (cement for any construction use, and thus also in this case for pre-stressed concrete sleepers).

ig4rt partner Company PLAN is operating worldwide and supplies turn-key plants and machinery for the manufacture of concrete railway sleepers and precast elements.

ig4rt partner ERRESPA operates in the construction and maintenance of track superstructures and maintenance of rolling stocks.

ig4rt partner Company SCALA is a renomated company for the construction of railway superstructure, especially focused on the installation of points and turnouts.
- Presentation of SCALA -

ig4rt member Company SICE is a leading company for the installation of railway signalling.
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ig4rt member Company NICCHERI is a renowned company for the installation of railway signalling and railway civil works.

ig4rt member Company ELETTRI-FER is a leading company for the installation of Railway substation and medium voltage cabs.
- Presentation of ELETTRIFER -

ig4rt partner Design firm TESIFER is a design bureau for railway technology (signalling, telecommunications, optical fibers, RTMS, etc).

ig4rt member Company SIFIS is focused on installation of signals and in management of tramway traffic.

ig4rt member Company TM is focused on installation of smart system for traffic management in cities and highways.
- Presentation of TM -

The following are partner consultants of ig4rt with many decades experience in construction and supervision of railways, both high speed and normal tracks, in Italy and abroad:
Gianni Segoloni (consultancy and inspections for track materials)
Gaetano Abbate (design and consultancy for track works)
Andrea Carlucci (design and consultancy for signalling and power works)